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How to Show a WooCommerce Order Bump? (Template & Tips)

WooCommerce Order Bump Plugins to Enhance Upselling

Have you ever shown upsell offers on the checkout page? The WooCommerce order bump strategy allows store owners to implement this strategy and increase their average order value by up to 30%.

When customers add their products to the cart and proceed to the checkout page, an order bump offer will appear. This encourages them to add the one-click offer to their cart, enhancing their shopping experience and increasing order value.

If you haven’t tried this strategy yet or couldn’t get sales before, we will create a strategic order bump campaign together and increase your revenue.

We only require a versatile WooCommerce order bump plugin like UpsellWP to create campaigns because this feature is missed in default settings.

In this blog, let’s discuss the detailed steps to show an order bump for WooCommerce stores. We will also explore a template, strategies, best practices, and everything you need to run your order bump campaigns.

What is a WooCommerce Order Bump?

WooCommerce order bump (or WooCommerce checkout upsell) is a sales strategy in which store owners show relevant offers during the checkout process and urge customers to add offers in one click to increase AOV.

Increase your average order value by up to 30% by showing order bumps on checkout. Use UpsellWP to personalize your offer.

Why Are Order Bumps Must For WooCommerce Stores?

An order bump for WooCommerce stores can elevate your store’s performance in many ways:

  • By showing relevant woocommerce upsell on checkout pages, you are providing additional product choices that will add value to customers’ main purchases. It enhances their shopping experience.
  • An order bump based on customers’ preferences will be more likely to complete a sale, which helps you increase order value.
  • You can also use order bumps in WooCommerce to reward your loyal customers by offering a free product for their purchase with your store.
  • You can also show order bump WooCommerce suggestions without discounts to give customers an additional chance to add more products to their orders.

Order Bump vs Upsell (A Quick Comparison)

Let’s compare order bump and upsell to see how these two strategies differ:

Order bumpUpsell
How it works?Order bumps are low-cost related or complementary product suggestions.Upsells are expensive or upgraded product suggestions based on customers’ main products.
Where to use?Order bumps are only shown on checkout pagesUpsells can be shown on product, cart, & thank-you pages and even on popups.
BenefitOrder bumps are low-cost offers that reduce purchase decisions, enhance customers’ main purchases, and help them add valuable offers with one click.Since upsells are upgraded versions of customers’ main products, they help them choose the best product with additional benefits.
ExampleWhen customers add a t-shirt to their cart, you can display the cap as an order bump.

The low-cost cap will complement the T-shirt.
When a customer buys an 8GB RAM smartphone, you can upsell them with a 16GB RAM smartphone.

Even 16GB RAM phone is expensive, it provides extra features to customers.

Both checkout order bumps and upsells are strategies to increase order value, but with a slight difference—the order bump increases AOV with low-cost offers, and the upsell uses expensive product suggestions.

For now, we will just discuss order bumps as they are the easiest offer to convince customers compared to expensive upsell recommendations.

The Perfect Order Bump WooCommerce Template

The secret to Order bump WooCommerce offer lies in its template. Here is how you can create an upsell order bump offer for WooCommerce:

Order Bump Template

Discount: Highlight your offer & grab customers’ attention by displaying the discounts that customers get in this particular sale.

Image: The optional images are an extra visual element to the offer.

Product Name and Description: The basic product name is essential. The advantage of an order bump is customers can get it without navigating to the product page. So, you can provide a description to convince them to choose the offer.

CTA: The most important element of this bump template. Add an actionable CTA button to help customers add the offer to their cart in one click. The checkbox is optional based on your template design.

These are the must-have sections of your order bump template. Make sure that you have included all the elements to capture customers’ attention and bring in sales.

How to Create a WooCommerce Order Bump?

We will use UpsellWP to create WooCommerce order bump campaigns. Follow the installation guide to install and activate this plugin on your WordPress dashboard.

Use UpsellWP to create advanced order bump offers to specific customers and enhance their shopping experience.

Scenario 1: The Common (No-Discount) Order Bump Offer

To create an order bump for WooCommerce stores:

  • Install and activate “UpsellWP”.
  • Go to “UpsellWP (Checkout Upsell)”.
  • Click “Campaigns” and create a new campaign as “Checkout Upsell..”
Creating a new checkout upsell campaign
  • Give a campaign name for your reference.
  • Click “Add Offer” and add the product to your order bump offer. You can add up to 10 offers and use the “Display Method” to set what offer to show at checkout.
    • “All Offers” will display all the created offers.
    • “Random Offers” will display a few offers randomly based on customers’ browsing or current products.
    • “A/B Testing” will help you run two offers at the same time for different customers and find the best offer.
  • You can also choose the offer’s “Display Location”, whether it is before payment gateways, after the place order button, or somewhere else.
Creating an order bump offer
  • On the right, you can use “Optional Settings” to schedule your campaign date (both start and expiry date) or set priority to decide when this campaign will run if you have more campaigns.
  • Save the campaign.

Let’s use “Headphones” as an order bump for musical instruments.

Showing order bump on the checkout page

Scenario 2: Order Bump Based on Cart Total

We can apply purchase conditions to order bump offers. It will be displayed only when customers meet those conditions.

Example: Spend $100 and get 10% off on Headphones

To create an order bump WooCommerce offer based on cart total:

  • Click “Add Offer”.
  • Choose an offer product, discount type, and value. Here, I choose the “Percentage” discount type.
  • You can also set usage limits for the offer.
 Adding product and discount to the offer
  • Choose the “display location and method”.
  • In the “Conditions” section, add a new condition as “Cart Subtotal” and set 100.
  • Save the condition and campaign.
Adding purchase conditions to offer

The 10% off order bump will be shown only when customers’ carts reach $100.

Showing order bump based on cart total

Scenario 3: Order Bump For Specific User Roles

You can provide order bump offers only to specific user roles, such as subscribers, wholesale customers, or VIP (Membership) customers, to appreciate their relationship with your brand.

To create a WooCommerce checkout upsell only to a specific customer role:

  • Add a new offer and choose the product.
  • Choose the discount type and value for the product. Here, I choose the “Fixed” discount type.
  • Set the display location and method.
  • Choose “User Role” as a condition and select the specific user role.
Creating a checkout upsell offer for specific customer roles

The customers who are segmented as “Subscriber” will only be offered with discounted order bump offer.

User role-specific upsell on the checkout page

You can also create this checkout upsell offer only for specific customers by selecting “Specific users” as a condition and selecting the users with their names.

Help Guide: How to create user roles in WooCommerce?

Scenario 4: Free Order Bump

Instead of offering discounted products as an order bump, you can give a free product to customers to reward their loyalty to your store.

For example, let’s give a free product to customers who made atleast three purchases in the store.

To create a free upsell order bump offer for WooCommerce stores:

Add a new product offer and select the discount type as “Free.”
Select the display method and location. For a change, I choose the location as “Before billing section” to display the offer at the top of the checkout page.
Select the condition as “Number of orders made” and set the value as 3.

Creating free order bump product

The free product will be available only to customers who have completed atleast three orders. Also the offer will be displayed based on the selected location.

Offering a free product based on purchase history

Note: This UpsellWP plugin also lets you create order bumps based on other conditions, such as:

  • Only for first orders
  • Based on products in the cart
  • Based on the total spent in the store
  • Based on coupons
  • You can also set a specific date and time for the offer.
 Purchase conditions for order bump

Customize Order Bump Template

With the UpsellWP plugin, you can easily customize an order bump template that aligns with your brand.

To customize your offer template:

  • Edit the offer you added to the campaign.
  • Go to “Content” to edit the offer title, description, CTA text, and image.
  • Go to “Design” to change the offer template. Also, enable the “custom styling” option to customize the style and color of the template elements.
Customizing checkout upsell template

Note:You can go to the “Settings” page of the plugin and scroll down to the “checkout upsells” option in the campaign section.

You can enable the “display offer” to display the order bump at checkout even after the product is added to the order. If it is disabled, customers can’t see or uncheck this option once the product is added to the order.

Best Time to Show Order Bumps in WooCommerce Stores

WooCommerce order bump deals will be beneficial only when it is shown at the right time. Here is when you can implement an upsell bump strategy at checkout pages:

  • Rewarding Loyal Customers: Order bumps can be used when you want to offer free products to specific and loyal customers. Giving free products during checkout enhances their shopping experience.
  • Increasing Product Sales: If you have low-cost, slow-selling products, you can show it as an upsell checkout offer to increase its sales.
  • Explore New and Cheap Products: You can use order bumps to launch your inexpensive products. Customers get a chance to know about your new arrivals.
  • Buying Added-value Products: Some products can be bought together, like a laptop and warranty. You can use order bumps in WooCommerce to show these added-valued products to increase the average order value.

Best Practices for Effective Upselling At Checkout

WooCommerce upsell on checkout pages are a great way to increase the revenue of your store. However, it is important to follow some best practices to setup an effective upsell order bump offer for WooCommerce:

  • Show Limited Offers: You can display many offers as an order bump, yet it is recommended to provide one or two upsells at checkout to reduce the purchase decisions of customers.
  • Display Clear Template: Include the essential elements in the order bump offer template, like name, discount, and description, that don’t require customers to go to the product page to learn more about it. With a simple description and discount price, you can convince them to buy the product.
  • Offer Discount Or Free Products: You can simply display order bump offers without discounts. But, providing discounts will gain more customers’ attention and help in increasing sales. Free products are also a wise strategy for some campaigns.
  • Segment Customers: Segment your customers based on their browsing pattern or purchase history to apply order bump offers only to certain customers or customer roles. It will convert some regular customers into long-term customers.
  • Run A/B Test: Utilize the A/B testing option in the UpsellWP plugin to compare two WooCommerce checkout upsell offers and find the best deal for your WooCommerce store.

Strategies to Create Your Checkout Order Bumps

Checkout order bumps are easier to implement, and this strategy will result in high sales.

If you are a beginner to upselling, check out these strategies to start creating order bumps for your WooCommerce stores:

  • Show Cross-Sell Products: Cross-sell products are related low-cost products that complement customers’ main products. You can show cross-sells as an order bump. For example, offering a cap as an order bump for a t-shirt and a battery or lenses for a camera.
  • Show Related Products: Showing related products can add additional value to customers’ main products. You can show related products as an order bump. For example, showing the same style of earrings or bracelets as an order bump for a necklace.
  • Order Bump Over Amount: Applying WooCommerce order bumps only on customers’ carts that reach a specific cart total is a good idea to make customers spend more to claim their offer.
  • First Order Offer: You can provide exclusive order bumps only to first-time orders to enhance their experience and make them retain customers.
  • Seasonal Bump Sales: You can implement WooCommerce checkout upsell campaigns only during seasonal sales to increase revenue at a specific time.
  • Product Enhancement: You can use order bump to provide product customization and enhancement options, such as gift wrapping options, extending warranty periods, extra service years, and more.

Many popular brands use order bumps as a profitable strategy. Let’s explore a few brands to see how they use the offer.

1. Amazon

Amazon's order bump offer

Amazon, the eCommerce giant, uses an order bump strategy to provide gifting options for the product. Customers can enable this option to send the product as a gift. This strategy helps customers to simplify their gifting process.

2. Nike

Checkout bump by Nike

Nike, the most popular athletic apparel corporation, uses the order bump option to obtain customers’ declarations and consents.

This is one of the best ways to utilize order bump positions to enhance the shopping experience.

Tip: You can also offer an order bump as an option to subscribe to your email list or join your membership program.

3. Apple

Apple's checkout upsell offer

Apple is one of the best examples of an ecommerce marketing strategy, and it also includes checkout upsell offers.

It uses order bump to provide Applecare service for iPhones, which helps the brand to increase its order value.

In real life, most of the brands like these are using order bumps to:

  • Provide gift-wrapping options
  • Give Product customizations, such as color or quantity.
  • Offer extra warranty or service year.
  • Ask customers to join their member list and more.

These are low-cost strategies to increase order value. You can use similar tactics to grow your store sales. Also, you can display related products, as we discuss in scenarios, to create a unique order bump strategy.

Show order bumps based on cart total and purchase history using UpsellWP to increase order value and sales.


WooCommerce order bump is a must-have strategy for every online store to increase their transaction value.

It not only increases order value but also helps customers explore additional valued products, enhance their experience, and retain customers.

Like popular brands, you can create order bumps for WooCommerce and make your store a trustworthy site for customers for their favorite products.

You can use UpsellWP, one of the best WooCommerce order bump plugins, to create advanced and personalized checkout upsell offers.

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Who can use the order bump strategy?

Order bump is a versatile strategy that can be used by all online stores with all store sizes.

What is the best product to offer as order bumps?

You can show related and low-cost products as an order bump to increase its impact.

What are the mistakes to avoid in WooCommerce order bump campaigns?

Here are some common mistakes to avoid:
1. Providing too many order bump offers
2. Not testing and finding the best-performing offer
3. Unclear offer layout and a message about discounts.
4. Not providing discounts to the high-cost upsell products.

What is the best plugin for order bumps in WooCommerce?

UpsellWP is a recommended plugin for creating order bump campaigns. The above resources also list the best plugins, so you can find the one that is most suitable for your store.

What is the difference between order bumps and cross-sell?

Both order bumps and cross-sells are the less expensive product suggestions offered for customers to increase their order value. They differ in the form of how they are placed in the store.
1. Order bumps can be shown on checkout pages, optionally with a checkbox to add it directly to the order, while
2. Cross-sells can be shown on product, cart, thank-you pages, and popups to increase sales at every step of customers’ journey.

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