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WooCommerce Upsell Plugin

Boost Your WooCommerce Revenue with Upsells, Cross-Sells, and More

Maximize your revenue potential with our WooCommerce Upsell Plugin. Seamlessly integrate targeted upsells, cross-sells, and post-purchase upsells to boost your average order value and enhance the overall shopping experience.

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WooCommerce Upsell

Boost Sales, Every Step!

Boost your WooCommerce store sales with smart upselling strategies! Increase revenue at every step of the customer journey with checkout upsells, post-purchase upsells, cart upsells, and more.

Checkout Upsells

Motivate customers to add more to their cart with exclusive deals & complementary products during the checkout process.

Post-Purchase Upsells

Extend sales beyond checkout! Our plugin presents appealing post-purchase upsell offers post-order.

Cart Upsells

Upgrade carts with relevant add-ons. Our plugin suggests targeted upsells on the cart page.

Frequently Bought Together

Boost sales by showcasing frequently purchased products. Display related and upsell products on the product detail page.

Double the Order

Double the delight! Offer exclusive deals for doubling product quantity with one click at the checkout.

Next Order Coupon

Build loyalty with enticing coupons. Generate unique coupons for the next order; include them in the confirmation email.

Thank You Upsell

Express gratitude and continue sales momentum. Display upsell offers on the thank-you page based on purchased items.

Upsell Popups

Capture attention with visually appealing popups. Show upsell offers after adding an item to the cart or clicking "Proceed to Checkout."

Product Add-Ons

Enhance the shopping experience with relevant add-ons. Display upsell items as add-ons on the product page.

Cart Add-Ons

Entice customers with exclusive cart add-ons. Display upsell items on the cart page, like a gift wrapper.

Smart Product Recommendations

Recommend products based on a number of conditions / parameters at your shop, product, cart, checkout and thank you pages.

Recommendation Engines

Craft super-targeted, personalized product recommendations for every shopper in your store and increase your sales.

Ready to Increase Your Sales with Personalized Upsells?

Increase your average order value and boost your sales by 2x or more with the power of smart upsells and cross-sells. Install our WooCommerce Upsell Plugin now to maximize your revenue growth.

Ready to Increase Your Sales with Personalized Upsells?

Increase your average order value and boost your sales by 2x or more with the power of smart upsells and cross-sells. Install our WooCommerce Upsell Plugin now to maximize your revenue growth.

Multiply Your Sales with Smart WooCommerce Upselling Strategies

Upgrade your online store with smart upselling and order bump tactics. Learn about simple yet effective strategies to boost your sales and increase your revenue with every customer purchase.

Checkout Upsells

Increase Sales at Checkout

Place tempting offers on your checkout page to encourage customers to add more to their cart before completing their purchase.

It’s an easy way to boost your average order value without any extra effort.

Increase Sales at Checkout

Post Purchase Upsells

Sell More After the Sale

Turn one-time buyers into repeat customers by showcasing special offers right after they’ve made a purchase.

It’s a seamless way to introduce additional products and increase sales with just one click.

Sell More After the Sale

Frequently Bought Together

Smart Product Recommendations

Make use of data-driven suggestions to suggest products that are frequently bought together.

This feature, right on your product page, can significantly increase your chances of making additional sales.

Smart Product Recommendations

Cart Upsells

Add More to the Cart

Encourage customers to add more items to their cart with last-minute offers.

By displaying enticing offers in the shopping cart, you’ll catch their attention and enhance their shopping experience.

Add More to the Cart

Double the Order

Instantly Double Your Revenue

Give customers the option to double their order instantly with just one click. It’s a hassle-free way to increase your revenue and provide customers with more of what they love.

Instantly Double Your Revenue

Next Order Coupon

Encourage Repeat Purchases

Send exclusive coupons on the thank-you page and in order confirmation emails to drive repeat business. This simple strategy can foster customer loyalty and keep them coming back for more.

Encourage Repeat Purchases

Thank You Upsell

Expand Sales After Purchase

Don’t miss out on post-purchase opportunities. Showcase complementary products on the thank-you page to make each sale even more significant.

Expand Sales After Purchase

Upsell Popups

Engage Customers with Timely Popups

Use popups strategically to suggest additional products when customers click buttons like “Add to Cart,” “Proceed to Checkout,” or “Place the Order.” It’s a subtle way to introduce more choices and increase sales.

Engage Customers with Timely Popups

Product Add-on

Enhance Product Discovery

Recommend additional products on the product page, either before or after the “Add to Cart” button. This simple addition can lead to more sales by showcasing complementary items.

Enhance Product Discovery

Cart Add-on

Maximize cart value

Suggest additional products directly on the cart page, right below each item a customer has added. This simple addition can increase your average order value and customer satisfaction.

Cart Add-on

Features of WooCommerce Upsell Plugin

Our WooCommerce Upsell plugin suggests extras your customers will actually want based on what they’re already buying. Boost sales, keep them happy, and watch your business bloom!

One-click Upsell Offers

Offer a smooth shopping experience where customers easily add tempting upsell offers with a single click, No page refresh required.

Order Bumps 

Enhance customer satisfaction and revenue. Offer enticing, low-cost, high-value items at checkout, encouraging customers to enhance their orders.

Conditional Upsell Funnels

Craft personalized upsell experiences based on subtotal, products, categories, or cart items. Turn every checkout into an opportunity for added delight and revenue.

Next Order Coupons

Generate unique coupons for the next purchase post-checkout. Set conditions like minimum spend, products, or categories eligible for the discount.

Simple Setup

No complex configurations. Install, set up upsells, and let the magic unfold.

Customizable Offer Templates

Style your offers effortlessly. Customize templates to match your brand, altering headings, backgrounds, text, and calls to action.

Offer Display Control

Take control of placement. Display offers above payment methods, before 'Place Order,' after it, or at the bottom—maximize impact, watch sales grow.

Product Specific Order Bumps

Smartly upsell or cross-sell related products based on the customer's cart contents. Tailor suggestions for a personalized shopping experience.

Product Types Support

Support for all WooCommerce product types – upsell or cross-sell simple, variable, or subscription products.

Scheduled Offers

Time your offers perfectly for special occasions or sales events, keeping promotions fresh and exciting.

Usage Limits

Control your offers effortlessly. Set limits on how many times a customer can avail an offer or cap total redemptions—maintain exclusivity.

Reports & Analytics

Gain insights into upsell campaign performance. Optimize strategies to maximize sales and revenue.


Works seamlessly with default WooCommerce Checkout, WooCommerce Block Checkout, WPML, LocoTranslate, Discount Rules for WooCommerce, and more.

Why Choose Our WooCommerce Upsell Plugin?

Upselling made simple, even for beginners. Drag-and-drop interface, pre-built templates, and zero coding make it a breeze to create high-converting offers.

Boost Sales Instantly

Increase revenue effortlessly with enticing add-ons and upsells. Elevate your average order value and maximize profits.

Seamless Shopping Experience

Enhance customer satisfaction with our intuitive popup, instantly confirming added items to the cart. Streamline the shopping process for a delightful experience.

Smart Product Suggestions

Simplify decisions for customers by offering curated product suggestions. Elevate satisfaction by helping them discover overlooked items.

Personalized Marketing

Craft tailor-made upsell offers based on customer behavior and preferences. Boost engagement and conversions with personalized marketing strategies.

Dynamic Pricing Made Easy

Implement dynamic pricing strategies effortlessly. Offer exclusive discounts, tiered pricing, or bundle deals to entice customers without compromising profitability.

Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

Gain valuable insights into upsell campaign performance. Monitor real-time analytics, track conversion rates, and make data-driven decisions for continual optimization.

 Limitless Offer Flexibility

Create and experiment with multiple offers in a single campaign. Enjoy unlimited flexibility to tailor upsell approaches for diverse customer segments.

Cross-Sell Perfect Matches

Expand the shopping experience by suggesting complementary products. Encourage customers to explore items that perfectly complement their initial purchase.

Expert Customer Support

Experience smooth setup and troubleshooting with our dedicated customer support team. We're here to ensure your success with WooCommerce Upsell Pro.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Resources

Do you have a question about Upsellwp Plugin? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions.

What is WooCommerce Upsell?

WooCommerce Upsell is a powerful sales strategy that encourages customers to purchase additional or upgraded products, enhancing their shopping experience. It involves presenting relevant and complementary items to customers during the checkout process.

An upsell plugin for WooCommerce is a plugin used by store owners to suggest complementary or upgraded products to customers while they are making a purchase. These suggestions are strategically offered to encourage customers to add more items to their cart, ultimately boosting sales for the store.

  • Increase Average Order Value: Upselling nudges customers towards spending more, directly boosting your revenue.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: By recommending relevant products, you provide a more complete solution, enhancing customer experience.
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment: Upselling keeps customers engaged in the checkout process, leading to fewer abandoned carts.
  • Automate Upselling Efforts: Plugins handle the heavy lifting, freeing up your time for other business aspects.

The upsell WooCommerce plugin is designed to seamlessly integrate with your online store. It analyzes customer behavior, purchase history, and cart contents to display personalized upsell offers during the checkout process. This encourages customers to add more items to their cart before completing the purchase.

Our plugin is designed for maximum flexibility and effectiveness. With advanced targeting options, beautiful design templates, and easy customization, you have the power to create irresistible upsell offers that resonate with your customers.

Absolutely! Our plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce Order Bump. Combine the power of upsells and order bumps to boost your average order value and provide customers with even more value with every purchase.

Yes, UpsellWP allows you to create time-sensitive upsell offers, such as limited-time discounts or exclusive deals, to create a sense of urgency and drive conversions.

You can use UpsellWP’s built-in analytics to track conversion rates, revenue generated, and other key metrics.

To create an upsell in WooCommerce:

  • Install and activate the UpsellWP plugin on the WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to “UpsellWP” and create a new campaign based on your sales goal.
  • Select products for upsell along with discounts and conditions.
  • Finally, save and activate the offer.
  • Product Upsells: Offer upgraded versions of the main product (e.g., a larger phone storage capacity).
  • Cross-Sells: Recommend complementary products (e.g., headphones with the new phone).
  • Order Bumps: Present one-click add-ons at checkout (e.g., extended warranty).
  • Post-Purchase Upsells: Suggest additional items after the order is placed (e.g., replacement cables).

Yes, UpsellWP allows you to create upsell offers with discounts, promotions, or exclusive deals to incentivize customers to make additional purchases. You can offer conditional upsells based on purchase criteria.

Upsells focus on offering upgraded or higher-priced versions of the same product, while Cross-sells suggest complementary or related items that enhance the customer’s purchase.

Check out this list of the best upsell plugins for WooCommerce, where you can choose one based on your requirements.

Yes, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for our plugin.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason within the first 14 days after your purchase, simply contact our support team, and we will refund your payment, no questions asked. We want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your experience using our plugin.

Boost Your Revenue Today.

Take your profits to new heights by effortlessly suggesting complementary products. Drive upsells and increase average order value with just a click.

Boost Your Revenue Today.

Take your profits to new heights by effortlessly suggesting complementary products. Drive upsells and increase average order value with just a click.