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Product Features

The All-in-one WooCommerce Upsell and Cross-sell Plugin You'll Ever Need

UpsellWP helps you create and suggest one-click upsells and cross-sells at every step of the customer journey.

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Product Features

Increase Your Store's Average Order Value with Strategic Upselling

Discover the innovative ways to suggest order bump offers with minimal effort.


Create a frequently bought together campaign in minutes, with smart suggestions.

Take a quick tour and explore how UpsellWP simplifies your upselling process, driving accelerated sales performance across your WooCommerce store.


From your UpsellWP dashboard go to "Campaigns" tab.

campaigns page

You will be directed to the page where you can proceed to "Create New Campaign."

types of campaigns page

Now, select the 'Frequently Bought Together' campaign to effortlessly increase cart value by suggesting additional/complementary products.

Create Campagin Name FBT

Enter a campaign name to identify and manage your campaign effectively.

Create Product Filter FBT

Next apply filters to narrow down and target specific products, categories, tags and more.

Edit Product Filter FBT

Also, you can easily edit, delete add or modify the filters based on your needs.

Select Product

Next step is to choose the frequently bought together products to be displayed on your product page.

Select Product Method

Explore the diverse options of product suggestion methods like related, cross-sells, upsells and more. You can choose any one to suggest your frequently bought together products.

Open Apply Discount

After setting the product suggestion method, you can enhance your campaign by applying discounts, making your bundled offers attractive to customers.

Apply Discount Type

You will see three options for applying your discounts. You can apply it to no products or only upsell products or to all products. We have selected "only upsell products" for example.

Select Discount Type

Now, set the discount type either percentage or fixed discount.

Discount Value

Set the discount value for your upsell products.

Discount Value

You can now choose or customize your template according to your brand style.

Save and Close Template

You can edit the text, style, colour, design and more in your template. Once customized, save it

Select Display Location

Now, choose display location of your frequently bought together products for high visibility.

Save and Close

Once done, save it and activate the campaign.

FBT Output

Here, you can see that the 'Frequently Bought Together' campaign is active on the storefront, and the products are displayed on the product page, complementing the main product.

FBT Output

And that's it!

With UpsellWP, you can create an effective frequently bought together campaign in a few clicks.

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Drive More Sales with UpsellWP's WooCommerce Upsell and Cross-sell Features

Implement effective upsell and cross-sell campaigns to increase your revenue effortlessly.

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Experience how UpsellWP simplifies the upselling and cross-selling, driving higher conversions.