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15 Best Ways to Increase Average Order Value (+AOV Calculator)

10 Best Tips to Increase Average Order Value (+AOV Calculator)

Searching for the best ways to increase average order value of your online store?

If you’re running an eCommerce business, getting your customers to spend a bit more each time they buy can significantly impact your bottom line. But, how can you make it possible?

We’ve got 15 best ways to share with you to increase your AOV. These strategies will help you get your customers to spend more on each purchase. We made sure these ways are simple and you can start using them right away. Let’s get started.

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What is Average Order value?

Average Order Value (AOV) is the measure of the average amount of money spent each time a customer places an order over a specified period. AOV helps businesses understand how much money customers are spending on their products or services on average.

A higher average order value indicates that customers are spending more per purchase, which can significantly enhance profitability of your business.

The focus on how to increase average order value is especially significant in online retail, where competition is intense. To achieve a higher AOV, you must strategically plan, balance product pricing with discounts and attract customers in every possible ways, so that they could spend more each time they shop.

How to Calculate Average Order Value?

To calculate average order value (AOV), you need to divide the total revenue by the total number of orders.

Here’s how you can understand it with an example:

Imagine, you made $10,000 in revenue from 200 orders in a month. To find the Average Order Value (AOV), you divide $10,000 by 200. So, the average order value for this store in that month is $50. This means that, on average, each order placed by a customer was worth $50.

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15 Best Ways to Increase Average Order Value

The best ways to increase average order are:

  1. Suggest Cross-Selling and Upselling products
  2. Curate Bundle Offers
  3. Create Loyalty Programs
  4. Offer Limited-Time Deals and Promotions
  5. Utilize Free Shipping Thresholds
  6. Offer Upsells at Checkout Page
  7. Cart Page Upsells
  8. Bundle Items as Frequently Bought Together
  9. Show Add-Ons on Product Detail Pages
  10. Send Post-Purchase Offers
  11. Implement Upsell Popups
  12. Create Add-Ons in the Cart Page
  13. Provide Next Order Coupons
  14. Thank You Page Upsells
  15. Introduce Double the Order Options

Let us look at each of these ways in-detail.

1. Suggest Cross-Selling and Upselling Products

The popular and best way to increase average order value is to suggest cross-sell and upsell products complementing the main product.

Cross-selling means suggesting related or additional products to a customer based on their current selection. Upselling means suggesting customers to buy a premium or upgraded version of the chosen item.

Implementing these both ways tempts customers to increase their value of a purchase, expanding your average order value (AOV) eventually. The truth is in the numbers say so. A research from Gitnux states that you can increase your AOV up to 10-30% using upselling and cross selling methods.

Cross-sell and upsell

Pro tip: Always align cross-selling and upselling suggestions with the customer’s purchase history and preferences to ensure recommendations feel personalized and relevant.

2. Curate Bundle Offers

Next, you can consider bundling your products into a kit.

By grouping and bundling up items at a slightly lower price than if bought individually, customers are more likely to add additional items to their cart. 

For example, the Freebird brand bundles up shaving products into a kit at a discounted price. Here, there is a high possibility that customer will tend to bug those together which can eventually lead to higher average order value.

Bundle offer of Freebird brand

Pro tip: Strategically select items for bundles based on complementary usage or seasonality to attract customers’ immediate needs.

3. Create loyalty Programs

You can increase average order value by creating loyalty programs and rewarding customers for various engagements like purchase, referrals, social shares and more. The most popular reward types are loyalty points, discounts, free products and free shipping. 

Loyalty programs can prompt customers to increase the size of their orders for the rewards you offer to them.

For example, Skelligs Chocolate runs a loyalty program where they reward customers for placing orders, referrals, creating an account and more. Now, customers will make repeat purchases to get those rewards in return for their shopping.

Creating loyalty program

Pro tip: Tier-based loyalty programs lead to a notable increase in AOV as customers aim to reach higher tiers of rewards.

4. Offer Limited-Time Deals and Promotions

One of the popular way to increase AOV is to create time limited offers and deals.

Limited-time deals create a fear of missing out (FOMO), encouraging customers to make a purchase before the offer expires.

Also, it is equally important to promote these deals prominently on your website and through your marketing channels like social media, email, etc.,

Limited-Time Deals

Pro tip: Phrases like “Only a few left,” “Offer ends soon,” or “Last chance!” can amplify the sense of urgency.

5. Utilize Free Shipping Thresholds

By setting a minimum purchase amount for free shipping, you can encourage customers to add more items to their cart to meet or exceed this threshold.

For instance, if the free shipping threshold is set at $50 and a customer’s cart is at $40, they are likely to look for additional items worth at least $10 to avoid paying for shipping.

Free shipping threshold approach is effective for those wondering how to increase average order value, as it motivates customers to add more products to their carts to meet the free shipping criteria.

6. Offer Upsells at Checkout Page

Another best way to expand your average order value is by suggesting upsell products with discounts in the checkout page.

Checkout upsell

It can lead to last-minute upgrades at checkout to increase total purchase value. For example, if a customer is purchasing a T-shirt, offer sunglasses at the checkout page.

Pro tip:

Set up a relevant checkout upsell that complements the items in at the checkout and do A/B testing to different upsell items to see which convert best.

7. Cart Page Upsells

You can show upsells or order bumps in the cart page to increase the order value.

Cart upsell

Suggest additional products in the cart page that add value to the customer’s current selection. For example, suggest sunglasses in the cart page when a customer adds a T-shirt to their cart.

Pro Tip:

Place the cart page upsell offers prominently on the cart page and provide an one-click option to add these offers to the cart without leaving the page.

8. Bundle Items as Frequently Bought Together

Displaying products as frequently bought together items is like a boon for those you don’t know how to increase average order value quickly.

Frequently bought together

Offer bundles or combinations of products that go very well with the main product where customers will tend to increase the average order size. For example, suggest shoe and sunglasses as a frequently bought together products with a T-shirt.

Pro Tip:

Analyze sales trends to identify popular product combinations and adjust the discount pricing to reflect the bundle deal.

9. Show Add-Ons on Product Detail Pages

Product add-ons create a personlised touch, enabling customers to enhance their selections with additional add-on options in the product page.

Product add-ons

Suggest related products on the product page, either before or after the “Add to Cart” button. This strategy can enhance sales by presenting items that complement the main product.

Pro Tip:

Choose relevant add-ons for each main product category and price those with attractive discounts.

10. Send Post-Purchase Offers

You can even increase average order value after purchase by sending one time offers.

Post-purchase offers

Setting timers for post-purchase offers additionally increases the curiosity to buy products. For example, once a customer buys a t-shirt, display the post-purchase time limited offer screen of a hoodie at a discounted price.

Pro Tip:

Personalize the offer based on the purchase and frequently monitor how it works for your customers.

11. Implement Upsell Popups

Use timely upsell popups to suggest upgrades or additional items when customers take action towards purchase.

Upsell Popups

For example, when customers go ahead to click “Proceed to Checkout,” “Add to Cart,” or “Place the Order,” display the upsell popups with additional products.

Pro Tip:

Trigger the upsell popups with relevant products at discounted price.

12. Create Add-Ons in the Cart Page

You can encourage customers to add more items to their cart with targeted add-on suggestions under each product in the customer cart.

Cart add-ons

For example, offer a gift wrapper add-on when a customer picks a mobile phone. These kind of small add-ons will help to increase the average order value a little more

Pro Tip:

Identify items that complement the main product without overwhelming choices and display the add-on items within the cart view.

13. Provide Next Order Coupons

Another best way to increase average order value and repeat purchases is by offering next order coupons to your customers.

Next order coupons

You can offer coupons for the next purchase as a thank you for the current order, encouraging customers to return and purchase more.

For example, give a 10% off coupon for their next order when a customer buys products.

Pro Tip:

Clearly communicate the expiration date of the next order coupon and automate coupon delivery via order confirmation emails also.

14. Thank You Page Upsells

Even at the last customer journey (once they placed an order), you can increase their order value by suggesting upsells in thank you page.

Thank you upsells

This method takes advantage of their interest in buying by showing them related products or special offers they might like. It’s an easy-going way to make customers happier and increase your sales at the same time.

Pro Tip:

Customize thank you page upsells with relevant products and keep the offers aligned with the original purchase.

15. Introduce Double the Order Options

Double the order

Encourage customers to double their orders with a compelling incentive, such as a discount or a value add that will prominently lead to increase in the average order value.

Pro Tip:

Highlight the benefits and savings of the offer and integrate a one-click option to accept the deal.

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Final Words

Knowing how to increase average order value in a correct way drives profitability and growth for your e-commerce business. That’s why we have short listed most popular ways to help you encourage customers to spend more.

Implementing these strategies leads to a higher average order value eventually.

Along with those, test different approaches, measure the results, and refine your methods accordingly. With the right combination of offers, incentives, and customer understanding, you can increase your AOV noticeably.

How can I increase my average order value online?

You can increase your average order value by offering bundle deals, cart and product add-ons, post-purchase upsells, checkout and cart upsells, next order coupons, thank you upsells and much more.

How do you increase average sales value?

Upselling higher-end products, cross-selling complementary items, and creating exclusive package deals can effectively increase the average sales value.

What is a good average order value?

A good average order value (AOV) varies by industry but is typically a figure that shows growth in customer spending over time relative to the cost of acquisition.

How can I increase my AOV in e-commerce?

Utilize tactics like personalized recommendations using upsells and cross-sells, limited-time offers, and customer rewards programs to incentivize higher spending.

Why does average order value matter?

AOV matters because it’s a key metric indicating overall profitability, effectiveness of marketing strategies, and customer buying behavior.

What does a high average order value mean?

A high AOV indicates that customers are spending more per transaction, which can signal strong product value and effective sales strategies.

Is a 5% increase in sales good?

A 5% increase in sales is generally good, showing positive growth, especially in competitive markets or during economic downturns.

Why is high AOV good?

High AOV is good because it boosts revenue without proportionally increasing acquisition costs, improving overall profitability.

What is the purpose of average value?

The purpose of the average value is to provide a single figure representing the central tendency of a dataset, helping in understanding overall trends.

What is the importance of average value?

The average value is important for making informed decisions by summarizing data into an understandable figure, indicating typical performance or behavior.

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