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WooCommerce Side Cart

by UpsellWP

Allow customers to easily manage their purchases and discover upsell opportunities with a visible and accessible sliding widget on your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Mini-Cart

What is a Sliding WooCommerce Cart?

The Sliding WooCommerce Cart is a dynamic side cart  designed for WooCommerce stores. It provides a compact and interactive view of the customer’s cart, enabling them to review and edit their current selections at any time as they continue to shop on your site. It automatically increases the order value and encourages faster checkout.

Why Does Your Store Need a Sliding WooCommerce Add-on?

How Does the Sliding Cart for WooCommerce Add-on Work?

Side cart add-on by UpsellWP appears as a floating icon. You can display it either left or right throughout your store depending on your customization.

With this WooCommerce side cart Add-on you can easily customize your side cart widget position, slider position, header, items, coupon visibility, footer and more.

Mini-cart add-on if UpsellWP

Additionally you can choose from pre-built themes or edit your own theme with wide range customization options. This ensures your WooCommerce store looks exactly how you want it.

Themes in Mini-cart add-on by UpsellWP

In the advanced customization options for the Side Cart in WordPress, you can edit and toggle the options for banners, goals, recommendations, and offers.

The best part is that the sliding cart automatically senses and displays the recommendation products based on the categories of the items in the customer’s cart.

Advanced customisation settings in Mini-cart add-on

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can easily customize the widget position, slider position, header, items, coupon visibility, footer, and more.

Yes, the Mini-cart Add-on is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless shopping experience across all screen sizes.

Absolutely. You can show the cart upsell offer in the Mini-cart where customers can add the upsell offer directly to their cart from the mini-cart.

Add the WooCommerce Side cart to your store to let your customers manage and review their cart effortlessly.