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Translation add-on

by UpsellWP

The “Translation” add-on for UpsellWP allows you to translate dynamic strings like campaign names, descriptions and more in UpsellWP.

Translation add-on Feature

What is the "Translation" Add-on in UpsellWP?

The Translation add-on in UpsellWP translates dynamic strings and texts generated within the UpsellWP plugin. It ensures all campaign-related text is accurately translated, maintaining consistency and clarity for your international customers.

Why Does Your Store Need a "Translation" Add-on by UpsellWP?

How Does the “Translation” Add-on Work?

To activate the “Translation” Add-on, download and install the UpsellWP plugin. Then, go to WooCommerce dashboard -> UpsellWP -> Add-ons.

Translation Dashboard

Once the add-on is activated you can translate Dynamic string for both loco translate and WPML. Doing so, you can easily translate the campaign name, description, or any dynamic strings into various languages you prefer.

Write translation for a dynamic string

Once you synchronize the dynamic strings, your customers can see the texts in their preferred languages.

Translated string shown in the storefront.

Translate dynamic strings and reach a diverse global audience with UpsellWP’s Translation add-on.