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Custom Taxonomy Add-on

by UpsellWP

Target specific brands and enhance your WooCommerce store’s upsell and cross-sell campaigns with the Custom Taxonomy Add-On by UpsellWP.

Custom Taxonomy AddOn

What is the “Custom Taxonomy Add-On” by UpsellWP?

The Custom Taxonomy Add-On by UpsellWP allows you to show targeted upsell and cross-sell products based on custom taxonomies like brands.

This feature provides more precise targeting options for your marketing campaigns, ensuring that customers see relevant upsell and cross-sell products.

Why Does Your Store Need a “Custom Taxonomy Add-On” by UpsellWP?

How Does the “Custom Taxonomy Add-On” by UpsellWP Work?

Taxonomy Add-On, taking the “Checkout Upsell” campaign as an example.

To activate the “Custom Taxonomy” Add-on, download and install the UpsellWP plugin. Then, go to WooCommerce dashboard -> UpsellWP -> Add-ons.

Here, we will show the workflow of the Custom

  • Go to woocommerce dashboard -> UpsellWP -> Campaigns -> Create New Campaign -> Checkout Upsells.
  • Enter Campaign name and click “Add offer.”
Enter Campaign name
  • You will be shown an offer product creating page.
  • Choose the offer product, discount type, discount value.
  • Here, we have chosen an “Apple Charger” as the offer product.
  • Save it.
Apple Charger
  • Next, Under “Conditions” section, click “Add condition.” In the following window choose “Brands” under the custom taxonomy condition.
  • We have created the “Apple” brand.
Add condition
  • We have now created the offer product and created the condition with “Custom Taxonomy”
  • Save and close the Campaign.
  • Activate the campaign.
Custom Taxonomy
  • According to our example, once the “checkout upsell” campaign is activated, if the “Apple” brand is in the customer’s checkout, they will be suggested an “Apple charger” as the offer product.
checkout upsell

Show Brand-Specific Upsells in Minutes Using the UpsellWP’s Custom Taxonomy Add-on To Enhance Customer Experience and 2X Order Value.